Breakfast in Bed with a Naughty Twist

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Breakfast in Bed.
What is the way to a man’s heart (other than lingerie, I mean)? Food! Surprise your guy with his favorite morning meal in bed on Valentine’s Day. Of course, serving him while wearing lingerie would make it that much better in a room that screams “sensuality”…check those lingerie and sex up your room tips again on our facebook site or blog from a few weeks ago.

And of course men, feel free to return the favor.  Ladies like to have you cook and bring them breakfast in bed too.

So ladies check out Got It Video and Novelty’s Norfolk Location for all your needs including queen size.  We have not only lingerie but also accessories.  Wigs, gloves, stockings, Dazzlers for body and eyes, and much more!!

We also have a dressing room available at the employee’s discretion.  Due to the nature of the item, some items are not allowed to be tried on.

Here is an item being featured this Valentine’s Day. We have these at the Norfolk Location. Come get this one today.


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