Bachelorette or Lingerie Bridal Shower Gift Idea

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Here is a great gift idea if you are lingerie shopping for any female (girlfriend, sister, daughter, granddaughter,  gal pal, etc.) and you’re not comfortable picking out the present yourself. I got this idea from a grandmother who didn’t know what to give her grand-daughter for her bridal shower and was slightly uncomfortable with getting sexy lingerie. It was a perfect thoughtful present, that brought many laughs!


  1. Purchase a gift card from Got It Video & Novelty and put in a small gift bag.
  2. Add a pair of men’s dress socks to the gift bag.
  3. Write a note saying, “The socks are to replace the ones you knock off him when he sees you with your new purchase.”  NOTE: Change the “him” to “me” if you are the one who will be seeing the new purchase.


adult novelty and lingerie gift ideas for a woman

Ladies, I am sure you can come with an alteration to give a similar gift to a man in your life. Perhaps a gift card with a broom, so he can “sweep her off her feet.”  Ok, that may be pushing it, but the sock idea is a great way to avoid the awkwardness and still be thoughtful!

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