Buying Lingerie Step 4: Final Tips

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LADIES: Remember, lingerie is as much for you as it is for your partner. No matter what you wear, beauty and sexy come from the woman inside. Be adventurous. Be bold. It’s just dress-up for adults.

GUYS: Remember, regardless of what you get her, she is going to love the fact that you put so much effort into trying to make her feel like the sensual queen that she is. It will definitely be the gift that keeps on giving.

Some Final Tips Before You Shop

You definitely know that a woman looks her best when she feels beautiful from within. Make sure you get her something she would want to be in, rather than something that would make her uncomfortable. Figure out how daring she can be, and pick the perfect piece for her. The big question you have to ask yourself is, what type of lingerie would accentuate the personality of your woman.

While you shop for lingerie, never experiment wildly while buying lingerie. It’s always better to know her dislikes and likes and stick to it, rather than buying something she would not like to wear.

And remember you can always ask for help, that’s what the sales person is there for. Use them. But be sure to come prepared with the following information:

  • measurements
  • type of fabric
  • colors
  • favorite body part, and least favorite body part
  • personal style

Good luck! And remember at Got It Video & Novelties (Norfolk Location), we have a dressing room. But you can start checking out all of our amazing lingerie lines here online!