Give Sexy Coupons or Romantic Tasks in Box

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Give him sexy coupons.

Got It Video and Novelty

Not sure what he wants.  Come check out our gift coupon books that range from romantic act of love to the more kinky and raunchy acts.  He can then redeem all at once or save them. If you give these to him in the morning, he will be anticipating it all day at work.  These are relatively cheap starting at $3-4 and up at the Norfolk Location.

This is also great for those who will not be able to see their loved one on Valentine’s Day, Especially those military men/women that are deployed.  Send them these sexy coupon voucher books to get them anticipating that  trip home! Boost their moral and give them something to look for.  Plus it is clean and will make it through postage inspection.

And these aren’t just gifts for men.  These would make great presents for a woman as well, especially the woman who keeps saying she wants more romance (look at the Romantic Heart Box).

In addition to the coupon books, here are some of the other vouchers we have at the Norfolk Location of Got It Video and Novelty:

  • “Romantic Heart – 100 Challenges for Romance” A Heart shaped box filled with 100 loving acts written on scrolls rolled up.  Take turns with your partner using the tweezer to pull out a scroll.
  • Box of Vows: Bedroom Vows
  • Box of Vows: Kinky Vows
  • Box of Vows: Romantic Vows

Got It Video and Novelty

Got It Video and Novelty

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