Guys, here is what she is going to think of your gift, decoded!

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Decode Your V-Day Gift

Men, worried what she will think about your gift? Here are some possible ways your gift may be interpreted. Remember every person is different, so trust your judgement in the end and get what your heart really feels is right. These are just some ideas to get you started and some common mistakes that are made and ways to fix them.

1. The “Gee Thanks” Gift

Think ticket to Lord of the Dance (you’ve never expressed interest in it), a gym membership (what is he saying?), or sushi lessons (Hello! You’re allergic to fish). “Obviously, he needs to pay more attention to your interests, but he gets some points for creativity. Although he’s way off the mark, he’s picturing what might make you happy.”

ADVICE: While creativity will get you points, make sure it isn’t too random.  Keep it still focused on her interests and her style.

2. Deluxe Dinner

He’s made reservations far in advance to ensure that you’re wined and dined like a princess. “He worked hard and clearly wants this night to be another wonderful memory the two of you share together and is anticipating many more great times to come.”

ADVICE: Remember you don’t have to spend alot of money to show your love and appreciation, but if you do want to make the splurge don’t forget to try and still keep it sincere and personal.

3. The Treat He’d Give Himself

Video games, an extra-large team jersey, and any gadget you’ll never learn to use all qualify. “He views you as an extension of himself. There’s no sexuality or romance in such an offering. Maybe your relationship hasn’t matured yet, so he doesn’t know what you really like. Hopefully, he’ll learn with time.”

ADVICE: Avoid at all costs.  But if you really must and I mean really really must, perhaps you could attach a note, saying “I know this is something I love, but there is nobody else I’d rather (have watch me play video games, or watch the football games with, etc) than you.” AND follow with a gift for her, such as a sensual massage!

dona-let-me-kiss-you-gift-set4. Swanky Sweets

Seems dreamy, right? “This is not the most creative gift — chocolate isn’t exactly personal — but he did extend himself to get the very best, I’d say this is a gift to impress, not one to make you feel truly unique and special.”

ADVICE: If you are just going to buy chocolates, be prepared to spice it up a notch.  Blindfold her and tease her with the chocolate or arrange them to display a message.  We also have many other “sweet” options for her to taste or you to taste.  Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust powders in Honeysuckle and Strawberry Dreams Flavors.  These yummy tasting powders can be dusted on with the included feather and then licked or nibbled off.

5. Bling Bling

What girl doesn’t love to lift the lid of that jewelry box to discover a little sparkly something? “This can be a very sweet gift as long as he knows what you like and it isn’t too early in the relationship. Jewelry means that he see you as beautiful and wants to let the world know that you’re together.”

ADVICE: Cannot emphasize this enough, make sure she will like it.  Nothing is worse than spending money on a piece of jewelry but she never wears it.  Perhaps a gift card or pick out a couple different pictures and let her choose.  Make it a special evening where you go to the store together.

6.Trashy Lingerie

“Every woman wants her guy to think she’s beautiful, so it’s disappointing when he gives her something tasteless. But most men aren’t grand masters of distinction between fine silk and polyester. Deem this an innocent failed attempt at telling you how hot you are.”

ADVICE: Check back later because we are going to post an entire guide to how to buy lingerie later this week.  But in the meantime remember you can never go wrong with a gift card to Got It Video and Novelty and letting her pick it out herself to surprise you.

7. The Budget Bouquet

“Here, the significance is in the giving. If he presents it matter-of-factly and moves on, the gesture screams obligation. But if he giddily urges you to put the lame bud in water, then the spirit is right, though the token is lacking.”

Valentine's Day Got IT Video and NoveltyADVICE: Don’t have the money for a big fancy floral arrangement, well that is ok.  Find out what her favorite flowers are.  Ask her friends.  Not all girls like roses (I don’t, they scream cliche and no thought), but some girls do like the classics.  Sometimes giving one single flower accompanied by a thoughtful note, song, poem, or gesture has alot more thought and love.   Here is another idea using fake flower petals, which you can buy at Got It Video and Novelty.  Leave a trail of petals guiding her around the house, leading her to the one single flower that you are holding.


8. Furry FriendGot It Video and Novelty

“He’s fallen for the girls-like-sappy-things cliche. However, there could be something behind his gesture. Maybe he got you a stuffed bear because he knows you loved one to shreds as a kid. In this case, there’s an element of thoughtfulness.”

ADVICE: Give her a “Hide a Toy Teddy Bear”  We have some of the most adorable teddy bears at Got It Video Novelty (Norfolk Location).  Don’t forget to to hide something in there for later in the night.

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