Liberator Black Label Furniture

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Liberator Black Label Products Feature:
Quick Clips: Ankle cuffs buckle directly to your Ramp or snap on to tender tethers to allow a little more range in movement
Lift: Elevates your lovemaking 10 to 14 inches for more options off the side of the bed
Machine Washable: unzip the outer cover and toss it in the washing machine. Like a favorite pair of jeans, our microfiber covers get softer with every washing.
Soft Core: Here’s where the magic happens. We call it Champagne Foam because it’ll fill you with heady notions. Engineered to support two bodies in motion, it’s the stabilizer that elevates Liberator beyond vailla pillow status.
High Fiber: Softer than velvet, our microfiber skins feel luxurious on naked flesh. Specially reinforced for romantic restraints, Black Label covers can handle rougher, tougher sex play.
Slip and Slide: Underneath, a silku liner that cools and caresses. This smooth nylon layer was created to accommodate all of your lotions, potions and gourmet notions.
Optional Gear Bag: A nifty black gear bag stores your Ramp discreetly, standing up in a closet or under the bed, no bigger than your average suitcase. All zipped up, it looks like sports gear.

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