Sex Up Your Room Tip #5: Lots of Pillows

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Got It Video and NoveltyLots of Pillows
While they may get tossed on the floor during your love play, or even when you sleep, the look of a bed filled with pillows sends a clear message of invitation. When you get creative with textures, the invitation gets harder and harder to pass up. For even more fun, consider ordering (or making your own) specialized pillowcases with sexy messages on them to help set the tone.


Got It Video and Novelty

At Got It Video and Novelty (Norfolk) we have all kinds of pillows, that not only function like your typical pillow but also can be used to help provide support for different positioning.  The heart wedge pillow by Liberator, not only is a small wedge pillow to help provide extra support in particular positions, but it also helps hide a small bottle of lube or a toy, so that they are always ready for that spontaneous moment.


Got It Video and Novelty

Liberator also makes the Decor Stache Pillow (pictured in purple with white tie to the right), which is perfect for hiding all your toys and lubricants, as well as serving as a soft luxurious pillow.  And as with all liberator products they are covered in a very luxurious fabric that is machine washable.  Also pictured to the right is the Liberator whirl pillow.


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