Sex Up Your Room Tip #6: Wardrobe of a goddess

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The Wardrobe of a Sex Goddess

Got It Video and Novelty Lingerie Keep your lingerie in a prominent position in your closet or drawers or in your nightstand. This creates two effects. One, it’s easy to use whenever the mood is there and two, it serves as a daily teaser for both you and your lover.  It has been said just simply wearing something sexy underneath even your SWEATS will make you feel sexier.  And there is nothing sexier than someone who is confident and thinks they are sexy.

We have many different lines of lingerie in all sizes! We even have new Baci Black Label on order.  And don’t forget about the men! My significant other loves the boxer briefs that Got It Video and Novelty sells.  He says they are the best feeling underwear that he has ever worn, great feel, provides good support without feeling like he has anything on.

For some of the types of lingerie we have in store check out our photos on Facebook for the Seven til Midnight and Baci Lines.

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