Sex Up Your Room Tip #7: Final Suggestions

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In addition to some of the ideas listed in mood killers, here are a few more tips:

Got It Video and Novelty Adult toy storage


Basket of Lovin’

Keep a secret basket, drawer or chest of your love toys handy and easily accessible. Things to include could include lotions, massage oils, scarves, toys and anything else you both like to use or try for your love play.

COME TO GOT IT VIDEO AND NOVELTY AND STOCK UP YOUR “DRAWER!”  We have everything you are looking for lubricants, toys, vibrators, condoms, female stimulating creams and more!


Got It Video and Novelty Adult toy storage For those concerned about unwanted eyes finding your stash come and check out these lockable toy chests.  This one shown is the larger one, but there are smaller ones as well.  All come with a combination code that you can program.

These toy chests are also a great way to take better care of your toys.  They help protect them from being broken, as well as getting dirty and dusty.  Helps to keep them clean and away from moisture.



Flowers/Live Plants

Got It Video and NoveltyNothing says vitality like a thriving plant. Keep in mind your color scheme and pick flowers or plants accordingly. Roses, tulips and daisies are common romantic favorites. Orchids and palms provide the feeling on an exotic get-away

When you think of romance, one of the first things that comes to mind is candlelight. Use this to your advantage in your den of love.

Romantic/Sensual Accents
Sensual photography, artwork, sculptures or collectibles are a great addition to any passionate bedroom. You might also want to set the tone with artwork from a particular location you both enjoy.

In Conclusion

When picking out anything for your room, look at it’s texture and color and think about what it makes you feel. If it doesn’t feel right for your purpose, don’t use it in your room. This is your love den. Make it a place that works for you both.

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