Sex Up Your Room Tip #4: Things to Avoid!

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Here are some things to avoid in the bedroom.  And if you really gotta have a cute cuddly teddy bear, make sure to make it a Hide A Toy Bear.  Come to the Norfolk Store to see how cute, soft, and cuddly our Hide A Toy Teddy Bears really are.  See the bottom of this for more info!

Keeping in mind that this is your place for love, certain objects may not be best suited for your playroom. Hidden mood killers include:

When you’re in the beginning stages of passionate play, looking over and seeing a pile of dirty clothes isn’t going to help. Find a place to keep your dirty clothes that’s out of sight and out of mind.

Nothing is more distracting, especially to women, than clutter. Consider the minimalist approach in your bedroom and keep only things that are necessary for setting your mood. If having additional items is a necessity in your bedroom, find a way to conceal them with boxes, baskets or drawers.

Computers or Office Equipment
While you may need extra space for your home office, the bedroom isn’t the place for it. How can you close the door on your work day if that’s where you spend your alone time with your partner. If you “must” keep it in your bedroom, think if ways to creatively hide it or keep it a separate space such as using a divider. You can use a screen divider, bookcases, or even curtains hung from the ceiling. Computer armoirs can also achieve the same result.

Photos of Children or Family Members
We all want reminders of the people we love. However, the bedroom isn’t always the best place for some of them. Keep the mood of the room in check with photos of places you’ve visited, pictures of the two of you together or sensual photography.

Stuffed Toys/Mementos
Stuffed toys are cute and memorable, but really, do they belong in the bedroom while you’re trying to be a sex goddess? It definitely sends the opposite message of anything erotic.

UNLESS that stuffed animal is a hide a toy teddy bear. It is the perfect cuddly companion that you want on in your room to have all the essentials at hand for when needed without giving away your secrets.  Perfect for toys, lube, massage oil, or some female stimulating cream.

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