Top 10 Reasons We Love Silicone Lube

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One of the most common questions we get in the store is, “Where are the lubes and lotions?” Then the customer looks at our selection and they are instantly overwhelmed. We always try to narrow it down by asking, “Are you looking for water based or silicone based?” And we so often get a cringe from the customer when they hear silicone. BUT WHY! We don’t understand, when did Silicone Lubricant get such a bad rep! So here are our top 10 reasons silicone lubes are great!

  1. Can be used as a shave gel. Without getting to geeky, the way the silicone molecules are shaped, they will not clog the razor and just glide over the blades.
  2. Moisturizing. You can rub a little bit on your hair to make it shiny if you have very dry and brittle hair that is prone to breakage.
  3. If you get dandruff you can put it on  your scalp, especially on your scalp in between your braids and or micro-twists
  4. Water Proof… fun times in the hot tub, the shower, the bath, the pool.
  5. Latex safe! You can use them with condoms! In fact we once read an article that says they are better for protecting against STDs in anal play. The logic is that condoms will rip if there is friction. Since water base lubes dry out and the anus does not produce its own lubricant naturally, using a water base lube with a condom anally is at risk for friction.
  6. Silicone lube typically has fewer ingredients (look for dimethicone) and no preservatives
  7. Does not contain glycerin or other ingredients that can be irritating to women. Sensitive women prone to allergic reactions, skin irritation, and yeast infections will like silicone!
  8. Longer lasting for long play time.
  9. Silicone doesn’t absorb into the skin like water based, meaning NO RE-APPLICATION. This means it is great for anal, vaginal anything, especially when skin to skin contact in areas where the body does not produce its own lubricant.
  10. The feeling of it is just so silky and smooth and is never tacky.


Here are some of our favorites:

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