Buying Lingerie Step 3.2: Best Lingerie for Tall, Slim Women

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Ok, so there are many, many different options of lingerie. From bras to panties, teddies to body stockings, it can get complicated fast. Whether this is a gift for your girl or something for yourself, remember the main goal of lingerie is to make the wearer feel sexy in her own skin. Personally, we think women of all sizes are beautiful in their own skin, but we can all be a little self-conscious about our body. So we want to help women feel comfortable, while showing off their best features. If you’re new to our lingerie buying guide series, check out Step 1 and Step 2, first. Then, check out the best lingerie styles below for tall and slim women.

The Garter Belt

Garter belts look great on tall women because they accentuate the impression that their legs run up to their armpits. Basically a garter belt is a piece of fabric worn around the waist that attaches to stockings or thigh highs. They usually come in black or red, but if you can find something in a beautiful, rich color, go for it. Anything that has a horizontal line across the belly (like a corset or garter) works for tall ladies because it draws attention to curves if they are a little straight-edged.

Garters are a staple of sexy lingerie, and it is hard to go wrong here. Just remember to ask the retailer what comes with the set, as you may need to buy stockings, matching underwear and possibly a bra to complete it. So to make things easier, put the sales assistant to good use. They’re your new best friend, unless of course you happen to have exquisite taste in female underwear.

Got It Video and Novelty

Bold, sheer garter belts add a pop of color to plain bra and panty sets

Got It Video and Novelty Lingerie GUide

Pair garter belts with sexy stockings and shoes

Got It Video and Novelty Lingerie Buying Guide

Garter belts help add curves to women who are tall and slim






The Bottom Line

Show off those legs! Flaunt them! Garter belts and stockings work great for women with long legs. By pairing them with a skimpy bra and panty set, they help women feel less exposed while accentuating their strengths. Play with lots of color and accessories like jewelry and shoes.

Check out some of our lingerie lines. Ask a Got It Video & Novelties sales associate for help when you stop by!

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