Buying Lingerie Step 2: Colors and Textures

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We left off with finding the right size and occasion, now it’s time for the fun stuff. Guys, it’s always hard to buy clothes for a woman, especially something as personal as lingerie. Ladies, we know how picky we are with jeans, so skimpy lingerie is even worse! Remember, the goal is to buy something that will make the wearer feel sexy.

Choosing colors

Got It Video and Novelty Lingerie Buying GuideMost women can pull off white, red or black. Luckily, nearly all lingerie comes in these colors, making it reasonably easy to choose. In saying that, think about hair color. Blondes often suit pastel colors, but brunettes need stronger colors to set them off, like emerald greens and sapphire blues. Redheads are complemented by green, blue and earthy tones.

Now if you or your woman is a bit body conscious, dark colors are definitely a must because they’re slimming. Instead of the typical black though, consider a dark rich red, purple or blue. Stay away from bright fire red or other neon colors.

And consider your – or your girl’s – favorite colors. For example, some women hate the color pink. If someone bought them something pink, they wouldn’t feel sexy in it regardless of how flattering it is. So men, look in her closet, what color are most of her favorite clothes? So ladies, think about an outfit that you feel very sensual or sexy in, what color is it?

Choosing textures

Got It VIdeo and Novelty Lingerie Buying GuideThere are normally a few different types of fabric to choose from when buying lingerie, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather, lycra and velvet. Lace, satin and silk are considered “safe purchases” because they are very feminine, not too wild or over-the-top, and feel beautiful on the skin. Honestly you cannot go wrong with a nice satin or silk, because it will feel so seductive on both parties’ skin.

Cotton is a tad boring, though there are some lovely pieces available in this fabric. Cotton is what women buy for themselves to wear every day, so to buy it for something special is a little against the point.

PVC is daring, though it can be difficult to find it in the right size, as it’s not a very flexible material and can produce bags and sags in all the wrong places. Guys, avoid PVC unless she is going to try it on first. The same rules apply with leather, which is more expensive, but generally better-quality and longer-lasting than PVC.

Lycra is very tight and bulges can be a bit too obvious, so beware. Ladies who aren’t  happy with their figure may feel uncomfortable in something see-through, so it’s safer to opt for a more opaque fabric. Velvet is also very nice on the skin and can be very sexy, making it a reasonably safe choice.

Lastly, when deciding on the lingerie’s fabric, always touch it before buying it. There is nothing worse than buying lingerie that feels cheap. We all have similar tactile senses; remember, the lingerie is supposed to turn on both parties. If you want you or your partner to feel sensual, buy a fabric that definitely turns you on when you touch it. Cheap itchy lace is a definite turn-off. And be careful with mesh, too. We carry the Baci line, which has a nice elegant feel and is a great affordable price (better than those other lingerie stores you see in the mall).

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