Common Silicone Myths!!!

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Earlier we posted about some of the great things about silicone lubes. A lot of what people think about silicone lubes aren’t true. So here are some of the common misconceptions.

MYTH #1: Using silicone lubes will make you break out. Those prone to infections and other irritations cannot use them.

FACT: Actually it is the opposite! Water based lubes are worse than silicone lubes. If you are using a high quality silicone lube (JO, Pjur, Gun Oil), they actually are better for those who are sensitive. Why? Because silicone is inert! Ok a bit of chemistry for ya, inert describes compounds that are NOT reactive. This means they will not grow bacteria or have reactions. Now how many have you seen a bucket of water sitting outside grow some nasty green algae. Enough said!

MYTH #2: Silicone lubes cannot wash off with water so you cannot use them internally (vaginal or anal).

FACT: Yes, it is true that silicone lubes do not wash off with water, which means you must wipe them off with a towel. Now if you use it vaginally or anally you most likely will not be able to wipe them off so to speak. Most people think this is a problem. However it is not, both the vagina and anus naturally cleanse themselves and flush out materials and will deal with the lubricant naturally in a safe manner.  (Think about all the natural things that exit those pathways. Get the point? Ok.) Plus silicone lubes are actually better for those sensitive and prone to have reactions to lubricant or to have yeast infections (see Myth 1)

MYTH #3: Silicone is ridiculously overpriced and expensive.

FACT: Ok, yes it is true that silicone is more expensive. Remember though, silicone will not absorb into your skin. This means you will use less, and you will not need to reapply, which is important for anal play. If silicone is used in appropriate quantities, you will use less each time. This means your bottle will last longer. So use it sparingly because remember that silicone lube is not going anywhere, you can always add more.

MYTH #4: Silicone lubes cannot be used with toys

FACT: Again not true! If it is a high quality lube, you should be able to use your silicone lubricant with all toys.  HOWEVER YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO A SPOT TEST ON YOUR TOY TO CONFIRM! Using a silicone lube with most toys will not pose a problem. The only toys that may have a problem are the toys made of silicone product, think fleshy toys such as Fleshlights. Cheap silicone lubes will definitely disintegrate you silicone based toys. But please do a spot test to confirm. We are not liable if you use a lube and your toy is messed up.

There you have it, some of the misconceptions we hear from people in the store. Come on in and try a silicone lube for yourself and experience a silky, never tacky or sticky, experience.

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