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Sex Up Your Bedroom

Sexy Bedroom Ideas
Your bedroom is your sanctuary and haven. It’s a place to get away from it all and leave everyday stresses behind. Couples who put a little extra effort into turning their bedroom into their personal love den, however, get even more than a peaceful getaway. These couples have found a way to put togetherness first and increase their bond with each other through inspired love play. You may not always be in the mood when you walk in the door after a long day, but one step into your passionate playground should go a long way toward stoking the fires of passion.

Before getting started, you’ll need to take some time out and define the purpose of your room. Think about what you want you and your partner to feel when you walk into the room. Hot sex, sentimental romance, exotic getaway or something in between? Once you determined the theme or mood of the room, don’t let anything in that doesn’t reflect your overall goal.

Ready to bring sexy back to your bedroom? Now that you’ve defined your purpose, use these tips to put it into action!

Color is the easiest and quickest way to set the mood of a room. While there is a huge spectrum of colors to choose from, some have definite advantages and disadvantages. Red, for instance, is often identified as a color synonymous with sex and romance, but it also known for bringing out aggressive behaviors and thoughts. This tends to rule out the idea using red as a main color in the bedroom. You may want hot sex, but you still need to be able to sleep in the room. Purple, on the other hand, invokes an exotic, sensual feeling while still keeping the air of relaxation, making it a more favorable color choice.

Think about the overall mood of your room and make your selections from there. Good choices include medium to dark shades of purple, blue, green, brown, grey and orange. Great accent colors include red, black, pink, white, and tan.

Above article by Jennifer Good

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